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Classic Car Photography

Venice AACA Auto Show
Under the hood of a 1957 Chevrolet © Paul Haberstroh

Classic Car shows and Concours events provide many opportunities for the camera. The artistry of the designs of vintage autos, and the painstaking restorations are truly a marvel. The elaborate chrome bumpers, wheels, and grills of a time past, real brass components, simple but elegant buttons and controls, finely detailed engine compartments and components, all make wonderful art. In a time where styling has become generic and copycat, the distinctiveness of vintage brands and models is a visual joy.

The sculpted chrome grills and hood ornaments of classic cars were a trademark of the brand. Nobody confused a Chrysler with an import in 1957. Revisiting some of the vintages I grew up with, especially 60s and 70s muscle cars, is always nostalgic and heart warming. Here are some images from the Venice FL AACA Auto Show.